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Metric vs Imperial

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Frequently I move between Imperial (ft. & inches) and metric. I have noticed a problem with this process. When I set my units in metric to 3 decimal places measurements display 3 decimal places. If I then switch to imperial for a while, then go back to metric and set the decimal places to three, something goes wrong and I only get one decimal place. I have to select each dimension, then change the number of decimal places back to three places. Any ideas how to fix this? VW 10 on Mac8.5

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Go to the Page menu>Units.

Where it says Set Units for: select "General Display".

What do you have for rounding? If you have decimal or fractional/decimal mix, do you have three decimals?

Where you have "General Display" selected, switch to "Dimension Objects Primary"

Do you have fractional or decimal?

If decimal, do you have 3 decimal places?

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Originally posted by Chris Dordoni:

Does frequent switching between Metric and Imperial units introduce rounding errors in VW?


No, VectorWorks just changes how it displays the coordinates, not the coordinate values themselves. The decimal precision in the units dialog only affects what is displayed, not the actual value saved. Thus if you zoom well in and nudge your object, the display will not show the (say) 0.000001 you just shifted the object by, but you could see the difference on-screen when zoomed well in.

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