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the frog

Substract from a duplicate along path object

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hello all

Thanks to DomC my building a frame script is working well. I have started to carve the frame.

Here comes the tricky part. To make it work I use the duplicate along path via symbols.

My frame is built via path extrude. So the object I want to cut is from path extrude and the cutting object is coming from duplicate. When I apply the solid Boolean node (substract) nothing happens. I have all my objects but no cut.

Of course to be sure I wasn’t making mistakes I tried with 2 normal objects and it worked. It is impossible de substract a normal object from the duplicate along path and impossible to cut a normal object from an object madre from the duplicate along path .

Are the objects built from duplicate or path extrude not real objects and unbreakable, or is it because they are built from symbols? :S

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@the frog

Could you attach the file, or send it to me privately?

You may be using an old node for the path extrude. There's something slightly special about EAP objects, but we solved this a while back. If I can look at your network, I can see if it's the same problem.

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hello Marissa yes here the file.

From what I understand path extrude have a line ConvertToNURBS and then I get a nurb at the end so the boolean wouldn't work?

Be glad to have the solution and a non transparent object that could be cut


frame 3.vwx

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Thanks Marissa

Would it mean that the french version is not uprading all the nodes!!! I made the change ± 3 weeks ago as asked when I received the post from Cesyam or do you have a SP5?


just tried your node. It is not changing the problem. If you go to the resulting object in 2d only the cutting part is seen. As soon as I path extrude the object becomes transparent and not cut by my "flowers". If I switch the node to a normal extrude to test I have the good result (a nice solid frame)




Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 15.45.31.png

Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 15.57.29.png

Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 15.57.16.png

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captures too big in the page

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This is what I see in Top/Plan and Top when I run the network I shared to you.

If you're not seeing the same, then maybe your version is missing some fixes.


I'm not positive when the node was fixed, but it may have been as early as 2016.



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Is there a way to find out from your side with the french what is going on?

So what you get are holes in the frame  unbelievable :(

I don't know what to do (go and have a drink...)

Seriously if someone else (another country) can test I’ll be happy to have some backup

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