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Coincedent constraints on 3D objects?

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Here's another newbie question: is there anyway to do a coincedent constraint on two 3D objects. In particular, I'd like to link two adjacent kitchen cabinets so that if the length of one is changed then the other will stretch or shrink to fit.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Actually you can apply the coincident constraint to a plugin or symbol. It seems like the cabinets need to be a little apart from each other to apply the constraint. I placed two cabinets, with a little distance between them, then I clicked on the constrain coincident tool, clicked on the top right of the left cabinet and the top left of the right cabinet, and one cabinet moved so those points were coincident. However, if I then change the length of one of them, it doesn't quite do what you want. Rather than resizing the other cabinet, it moves it.

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