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Some Spotlight objects not snapping



I have some lights in a Spotlight 2015 document that I can't snap to.  I can snap to most of the objects in the document, including other lights.  I can even snap to a label legend if I assign it to these lights but I still can't snap to the light itself.  I've turned on show/snap all layers and show/snap all classes and have also checked my snap settings.  Any thoughts about why this might happen?  And how it could be corrected.  The problem document is attached and some of the problem objects are circled in red.






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Hi Pat,


Thanks for investigating!


I'm in VW 2015.  I've restarted both my computer and VW and have tried saving a copy.  The result is always the same.  I can snap to the insertion point and the label legend but not to any corners or any other normally snappable points.





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The S4 Fresnel, the Elation thing, and the Altman Cyc light are the only fixtures in the plot that have 2D only symbols.


And they are the ones 2015 has problems snapping to.


I don't understand why or how those two things might be correlated, but they are the only things I see in common.


I don't have a machine w/ 2015 with me at the moment, but I'd be very interested to see if adding 3D geometry with or without the correct record formats attached would make a difference.  (I think the record format changed between 2015 and 2016.)

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