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Character mapping/keyboard layout

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Our studio just switched from MacOS 9 (something) to X (10.3.3) and from VW to 10.5.1. Faroese (similar to Icelandic) keyboard layout.

When exporting drawings to PDF, EPS or DWG, various characters are substituted for other symbols from the same font set. This also happens when exporting drawings from VW on Windows XP Pro.

When editing text in a drawing, Faroese letters (? Eth, ? Y-slash, etc.) are turned into question marks as long as the text is active. When 'inactive' the text shows up just fine.

Is VW using some program specific character mapping that is not compatible with MacOS/WinXP? What's happening?


Benjamin Debess

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The English (probably American - I can't tell -) version.

The Faroese alphabet is quite different from the English (it has 3 more letters, 3 diphtongs, and uses the accent aigu on 5 of the vowels). Hence the keyboard mapping has been altered slightly. This shouldn't affect the lettering in the various programs, but - obviously - it does. I have no idea why...

/Benjamin Debess

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The english version may not support some of the foreign keyboards/alphabets.

You should contact your local distributor for more information regarding this issue.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


We have been addressing similar issues for Icelandic users. For editing text objects in the drawing, entering the special characters you mentioned should work in VW 10.5.1 on OSX, if you have the preferred language set to Icelandic (I suppose you would normally have Faroese as your preferred language, but if you could use Icelandic, VW will work better for you). It looks like the problem with export has not been addressed yet. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

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