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Object not able to be selected and will not show in viewports


Hi there,


I have a 3D viewport set up with Open GL that was working find previously but when I have reopened it on of the roof faces will not appear in the viewport even when set as Wireframe. When I go into the design layer the roof appears but cannot be selected. I have restarted the programme and checked that all classes and layers are on so not sure what to try next. I have also moved the drawing back to the origin as this has previously solved odd issues like this.


Any suggestions of what to try next? All the other layers and objects are working as normal. The rest of the roof faces are also working as expected. This did happen once before a couple of months ago on the same file but then a simple restart solved it whereas the issue is more resilient this time as I have restarted several times already.



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No guarantees, but here are some ideas and things to examine or try:

  1. Graphics setting too high? Try Vectorworks Prefs>Display tab>Navigation Graphics>Best Compatibility
  2. Design Layer(s) - the Roof Face pen and fill attributes are set to none or Roof Face is in a class with None attributes?
  3. Design Layer - the Roof Face is contained in a symbol or group? (selection extents may be quite large, but OIP should show that something is selected)
  4. Design Layers - Roof Face is not on active layer or class? eg a Saved View excludes the roof face in some way? Temporarily Set the Layer visibility to Active Only and Class visibility to Show, Snap Others (Nav Palette or View Menu). Click through the design layers until the roof face is visible, & hopefully selectable.
  5. Sheet Layer - in the Viewport class and layer options, is the Roof Face layer or class is invisible?
  6. SLVP has a layer or class override which excludes the Roof Face?

Something more drastic to try:

Save & close your drawing file. Duplicate the file for testing. In the Test file:

  1. Is the Roof Face selectable? Visible in the SLVP?
  2. Create a new roof face test object in a blank area of the file, move it into the Viewport area - assign same attributes as the problem object.  Selectable? Visible in the SLVP?
  3. If yes to 1 & 2, then remake the problem roof face and delete the original. The test file can become your new project file. Archive the original file.
  4. If no to 1 try to isolate & delete the roof face by deleting its design layer:  In the Nav Palette or Organization Palette, delete bunches of design layers until the roof face is gone. Undo and delete smaller bunches or individual layers until you find the problem layer.
  5. Select all>Delete. Did the Roof face delete? Undo and try to select/delete only the roof face object.
  6. If possible after step 5, select the problem roof face and Copy/Paste into a new blank drawing. Post it to this forum.

Sorry no earlier reply.  I hope you already solved the problem.



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Thank you for your very detailed response!


I have gone through and tried each of the points to no success unfortunately. When I hit select all with only the roof layer left it will delete but cannot copy it into a new file. I suspect it is just an odd glitch now since all the other roof faces on the same layer and same class are acting completely normally and I have transferred the attributes across as well. I have since remade the same roof face and it is now behaving as expected. Hopefully this time it won't disappear!


Thanks again for your help

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I've seen this issue with roof faces in 2017 (and, I think, 2016).


What often fixes it is to edit the geometry, do nothing, then exit.  I usually check to make sure the poly is closed, but I'm not sure that it matters.  Sometimes when in edit mode I find that the poly is not connected to its handles and there is another object that looks like the poly but the OIP says it's a roof face.  Sometimes just drawing a rectangle over the middle of the poly and doing a select all and add surface will make the poly wake up and behave.



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Thank you michaelk!


The problem reoccured in a different model and your solution fixed it. Much easier than recreating all the roof surfaces each time like I was having to do before.

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