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Navigation palette

joey altalef



I was just wondering when are we going to be able to have more organization or arrangement options in the Navigation window. My navigation window looks like the photo I uploaded. I usually add separators between some layers and sheets making me easier to visualize and find the layer im looking for faster. It would be great if we could add also colors to the layer names and a "notes" column too like in the 2nd photo.


Maybe in Vectorworks 2018??



VW 2017 SP4



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I was going to post my own Wishlist request on this but thought I'd do a search first + found this. 


I would really like to be able in the Navigation palette to colour-code/highlight sheet layers in particular so as to easily distinguish between those which are finished + ready for publishing, those which are works in progress, those which are empty + should be ignored completely, those which are 'working' sheets only, etc.


The notes column is a good idea but I'm not sure how much space I'd have for more than a word or two in my Navigation palette. What I do is add notes to the 'Description' field of design/sheet layers which are then visible when you hover the cursor over the layer in the Navigation palette.

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big yes!


The palettes are not really up to date!


My wishes:

- Underlying colors for layers AND classes

- color for layer-names and class-names

- separation-line as own object (no dummy layer) + jump-over-function if shortcuts are used: "CMD + arrow down" OR "CDM + arrow up"

- layer-groups

- Ability to showing notes and tags in palette (if I want it)

- custom ordering of headline (e.g., if I want "#" at first)

- UI-scaling (the fonts are too small)

- better reading standard menu font! The used font is not good to read!

   There are much better fonts, specially designed for displays, for the whole menu in VW.


Greetings from Germany


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