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"X" displayed on windows and doors

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These are 2D loci which control where the wall gets cut in Plan View.  They are in the NonPlot Class and if you can see them that is either the active Class or you have that Class visible.  


The NonPlot Class should always be set to not visible.  It is the Class that is used for drawing elements that are not meant to be seen.



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I'm a Vectorworks novice. I'd like to employ the services of those who are more expert. I basically use the software to create home floor plans and small commercial new build and remodel projects. Is there a place online where I can employ the services of those that are more expert?

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6 minutes ago, Andrew Davies said:

Or "force select" a loci (right click then choose force select directly over a loci) and you can see what class it's in in the info palette


I'm pretty sure that if it's part of a Door object, you can't directly Force Select the Loci or any parts of the Door. Instead it just selects the entire Door object.

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I have my floor layout as active and active class as none.  Yes, I was working on this file and everything was going swimmingly and then I inserted a 2nd double patio sliding door and the entire drawing started giving me loci when drawing new rectangles or inserting doors.  I closed and restarted VW and they were still there.  You can see in the second clip, the first slider I inserted has no issues, that work was done yesterday.  Did I accidentally turn on some setting I'm not familiar with?  I have not tried printing yet but it is distracting while modeling. 

Im attaching the file for reference.  Thank you!  







20.10.21 G ave 839 v2021.vwx

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