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Font Mapping / When exporting, fonts on PDF become pixelated





I am having issues with Vectorworks font mapping. My 2017 version of Vectorworks seems to not recognize certain fonts (even though I have them on my computer) and they become pixelated when I export as a PDF.  It only becomes pixelated for certain fonts, but when I change the font to a universal font like Arial, the PDF comes out fine. I am working on a shared file and others who use these files do not have this problem. I reinstalled Vectorworks and am still having the same issue. Additionally, is there a universal way to change all fonts in one file?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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 Possible workaround - Are you on MacOS? try Print>Save as PDF instead of Export or Publish. Probably there is a Windows equivalent.


This is not convenient, especially if you have lots of pages to correct, but Save as PDF uses the OS font resources to create the PDF, so usually produces proper text rather than rasterized (pixelated).  Publish and Export depend on vwx functionality. I see fewer font problems in newer versions of vwx.


According to other threads on this topic, at least several things can cause font problems and there are sort of fixes:

vwx is optimised for Truetype fonts.  The Open & Postscript versions may not work as well.

•••••••Try a True Type version of the font or use a different, True Type font.


• Corrupt font.

•••••••On MacOS, open the FontBook app (in Utilities folder)> Verify and Repair features on each problem font.


•  Out of date font

•••••••• Some fonts migrate with you as you activate new computers. Might be time to acquire/purchase a new version of the font.


Probably other stuff, too.




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I just experienced the same problem.  The "save as" route solved the problem.  But the font in question is Century Gothic.  FontBook says that it's a True Type font, though.  Has anyone else figured out a solution rather than a workaround?

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