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view depth?

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I'm working on a building with windows in a parapet wall. However, I don't want to show the windows but merely the top of the parapet wall. I'm wondering what settings i can modify to help me with this. In revit terms, I want to modify the "view range" (see - https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2016/ENU/Revit-DocumentPresent/files/GUID-58711292-AB78-4C8F-BAA1-0855DDB518BF-htm.html)

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Vw Section Viewports can set a 'Finite' view range using the Viewport Depth on the OIP.

See THIS PAGE from the Vw2017 Help File.


EDIT - I see you're asking about Top / Plan view depth, which Vw doesn't really have.


I would send the parapet windows to the Back, and create a parapet cap that will be in front / on top of the parapet windows.

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You can create a Section Viewport of an Elevation to and in via OIP Advanced button control the Depth range for the resulting viewport - and then view it in Hidden Line etc. .

You can also control the elevation of the Top/Plan Cut, but I don't believe you can have a limited depth Top/Plan view.

Perhaps place the parapet on it's own Design Layer?



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As a former revit user this was incredibly frustrating- top plan view shows everything regardless of the components elevation - Revit's view range control is an excellent feature and looked as though something similar was implemented in the cut plane feature; but it seems not and doesn't really seem to be a well documented feature...

The best way round this I've found is a combination of classes for stuff so it can be turned off, setting design layers and doing some good ol masking in the annotation layer.

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