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Changes to master file don't automatically update the target

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A number of users have complained that when a referenced item in the master file changes, the changes aren't reflected in the target file automatically very quickly (however do eventually update)


Apparently this started happening last week however the setup has been live for 3 months with no problems.


We are using acronis access connect


has anybody any ideas please?




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Guest Wes Gardner

Hi All,


If I understand the post correctly, this is WAD (working as designed) and has been for as long as I've been using the program.  In the target, you must go to the Reference tab in the Nav palette and "Update" the reference.  You CAN however, set the FILE to update its references upon opening...



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Guest Wes Gardner

Hi Christian,


This might be what you are referring to where Vectorworks will give you notification that references are out-of-date.  However, you must still actually update them...



Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.18.56 PM.png

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