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Project Sharing Lag

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We are using project sharing on a fairly large residential project. The file is currently around 100 MB and the project file is saved on our NAS drive.


We only have 2 working files, but we are noticing a 3-4 second lag when even doing the most minor drawing changes, and the information bar at the bottom of the screen says 'waiting for project file'.


Is a setting we can try, to avoid the lag?  Working on the file now is painful.



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This is happening because it's checking out objects each time you edit them. In the initial implementation of Project Sharing this didn't happen because you checked out whole layers.


Maybe Vectorworks can be optimised in some way but for now there are only two ways I see to get around this lag:

1. A much faster connection to the Project File. Our projects are on a local file server (a Mac Mini with SSD drive) on a Gigabit ethernet network, for instance, and we generally don't see this lag. A NAS drive doesn't help you in this regard.

2. Check out the whole layer beforehand. This is not as convenient as automatically checking out individual objects—you'll need more communication between each other and have to wait for people to release layers—but it will get rid of the "waiting for project file" message.



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