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Bug Submit Page - Overview of Experience

Kevin McAllister


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16 minutes ago, Jim Wilson said:

I think at this point we are simply awaiting time from the Web team. We're in the process of tossing out and replacing quite a few things (Maybe, perhaps, because the Forum platform update went so well? Eh? Eh? 😁 )  across our various web presences and the bug submit page is on the list and auto confirmation was on the spec sheet last I saw it. The thing my team is actively working on at this very moment however is related to the Service Select portal, we have some much needed good changes coming in the immediate future.


Thanks Jim. I appreciate all the updates. I can see where weeding out true bugs from tech support issues could be a significant hurdle. I look forward to seeing some of the new features soon.




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19 hours ago, Jim Wilson said:

auto confirmation was on the spec sheet last I saw it.


I've noticed that submissions through Service Select report back a reference number on screen. It would be much easier if those reference numbers were emailed back as part of an auto-reply. Having a random reference number becomes hard to track on my end if I make multiple submissions.



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Posted (edited)

The bug submit form is still as frustrating as ever. Today I went to submit a bug and since my Operating System (Mac OS X 10.15) isn't in the dropdown I left it unselected. Bug submit kicked back the form and reset it so I had to re-enter my whole bug submission again ☹️


Why is it so hard to make a good bug submission form? Or to even keep the current one up to date?




PS. Its things like this that really really make me miss JimW. He was a customer service superhero!

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