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vectorworks file extension

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I work on a network with pc servers and mac, pc workstations. All using vw 10.5.1. The g4 macs are running os 9.2 and the g5 macs are running os 10.3. The issue is file extensions. Seems that file sharing between the macs now requires a file extension (.mcd). This is not a problem but why won't vw recognize its' own files without the extension?

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You may not have the files associated properly.

Get info about one of the files that is not being recognized and see what it has set for "Opens With". Make sure this is set to the current version of VectorWorks. You should check assoicate with all files to force the file association across all mcd files.

You should get in the habbit of adding ".mcd" to the end of the files under OS 9 so the PC users can easily open them.

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