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Hi everybody


I've been using VW for a few years now,  I love the workflow, compatibilty and great visual quality that can be achieved with VW. I'm a structural engineer, and I was wondering if VW is going to include Steel connections modelling and detaling. Most of my work partners use Tekla structures and it is a drawback not to have parametricized steel connectios, BOM, and CNC support in VW. Is there ever going to be realeased a VW for steel structures ???

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I agree with you, but it seems that a structural version of VE is not coming anytime soon. I wish people at Nemetschek would  listen to this. Although Nemetschek already has a steel detailing software. I'be done some searching and found SDS/2 from Design Data a subsidiary of Nemetschek

On 8/9/2017 at 11:20 PM, mike m oz said:

I think Vw needs to cover all BIM requirements by having a structural version and a services version.


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