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Tom Klaber

UI / UX Worksheet Formatting


I am sure this must have been requested in the past, but I think the cell formatting options should be brought out of the menu and simply appear as a tool bars on the editor - they way they do in Excel, Word, this forum.  Have to right click or go to the format menu everytime I want to change an justification or font setting is supper time-consuming. 

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Bumping and retagged for 2019 ux overhaul.

Things like justification, background color, foreground color, text size, text style, all should just be part of the main worksheet interface - not buried in the formatting menu.

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I will vote for that as well. In addition it would be really nice to have a way to reapply quickly one the format of one cell to another (like using the eyedropper tool within the worksheet)

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