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OpenGL display?



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For me it works.


As I don't like any orthographic view in OpenGL but wireframe.

Isometrics always OpenGL of course.

So from time to time I have to revert a "3D" View like (2D!) Front View to wireframe manually.


Then it feels strange when I go back to Isometric that it does not switch to OpenGL.

You have to really open Top Plan View (the only offizial 2D View) and switching back to Isometric

that this Setting switches automatically.

And this is the only situation where that preference setting does not work as expected for me

(While working as designed of course)


If there are problems in other cases, I would first try to restart VW or even the machine.

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6 minutes ago, markdd said:

Do you have this setting?

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 15.34.49.png

My question is that the view is supposed to automatically change to OpenGL because the Vectorworks Preferences are set to do that. It doesn't happen. I can manually change this setting to OpenGL and it does so, but it's supposed to be automatic.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Just a note, yes you should restart and even consider a preference reset if you're already on 2017 SP4, but this setting only affects render mode/projection when switching to views via the Standard Views controls or Flyover, not when using Saved Views. You didn't indicate specifically that you were doing this, but I wanted to make sure that wasn't the issue.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 minute ago, barriescott said:

I am on Designer 2017 SP4. I tried the restart (several times) and the preference reset (twice) this past weekend. Maybe something in the Vectorworks application has gotten corrupted and I need to reinstall Vectorworks? 

Possibly, but I recommend getting in contact with technical support directly first and having them take a look. Tech@vectorworks.net is the most direct route to them. 

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I see this is an old topic with no resolution, but I too have this problem: VW 2020, OpenGL set as default 3D view, toolbar option checked, etc.... never shows a 3D render unless I manually initiate it (always wireframe when switching to any view other than Top/Plan).  Have seen a dozen threads on this, but no definitive answer, except those that fiddled with it, and it eventually "stuck."  I have NEVER gotten this to work, but then most all my files are from previous versions of VW, and don't have the time to re-create all my venues just to test this bug....

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