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convery to marionette network



I would like to model an object, and then convert that object to a marionette network.  it is objectively faster to model an object graphically.  it would be awesome to be able to draw an object, then have vectorworks convert it to a network for further parametric use.

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1 hour ago, Miguel Barrera said:

It should be just a matter of converting the object from python since we can already export a file as a script. For some of my plugin objects, I did model them manually first and then export them as vectorscript to copy the object code.


This would be interesting. I wonder if someone could create an example input node that created an object and passed the object handle as output for use in a Marionette network. This would give us a framework to cut/paste our own geometry scripts into. @Marissa Farrellhave you every done anything like this? Is it possible?




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  • Marionette Maven

I haven't done it, and I'm not sure if it's possible, but I won't say for sure that it's not. 


The problems I can see are that you would probably need to return more than one handle of objects to manipulate and the script won't export the relationship between the objects (in terms of positions) which would make the Marionette incorporation even more complicated. 


If you want to take the dive, I can try to help, but I don't think it's a worthwhile venture for Marionette. A traditional plug in object makes more sense, to me. 

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There used to be an easier way of making VS objects using the export vectorscript function.

Draw graphically but make each dimension odd and unique. Once exported as vectorscript. A simple Text editor could then find a replace instances of those numbers with a variable name.

Using odd numbers product even number calculated dimensions mostly.


Still a bit tedious but far easier then crafting scratch code and testing.

Would be interesting to see if a text converter could be made to automagically turn geometry into a python include file?

From there not sure how you make it "Marrionettable" if that's a term. 

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