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GUI Inconsistencies

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I still have issues with two dialogs that I use often in VW. One being the duplicate array and the other being the move dialog. These two dialogs are not following the logical flow of the usage of the dialogs, and are breaking both Apple's and Microsoft's design guidelines.

The Duplicate Array Dialog

  • This dialog opens with the active control being the OK button. Why?
  • The dialog should focus on the most commonly used control, and in this case, I would most likely be correct in assuming that would be the edit fields for the amount of offset.

The dialogs tab order (and perhaps the layout) should be taken a look at and reassessed.

The Move Dialog

This dialog I have real issues with.

  • The active control is the OK button.
  • The next tab brings you to the Cancel button.
  • Next tab brings you to the Radio button.
  • Finally you are taken to the first edit field.

This means it takes three presses of the tab button to get to the most commonly used control. Shouldn't the move dialog used to move an object quickly?

I've emailed this to both tech and bugsubmit before 10.5.1 was released, (without a response) and while the clean up on the Duplicate array dialog was a start, would someone over at NNA please take a look at this?

Thank you.

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In VW10 the tab sequence seems to have changed from VW9. I used to tab to Linear Array and then to the X/Y Offsets. Now it tabs from Linear Array to Rotate Duplicate and then to Circular Array. So I have to stop and go back with the mouse to enter Linear offset dimensions. For me, this is not progress. And that's my 2 cents worth.

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It seems the Move dialog works(ed) just right in 8.5.2,which is still where I am. The dialog opens with the X axis field active.The next time you open it has the last entered value hi-lited,allowing you to hit enter to accept this value or to enter a new one.

Dupe array is pretty much the same.Tab order is Number,X,Y. and it remembers the last settings. The other array options are radio buttons.

It's sounds like I'll be wearing out the tab key when I update,which may be later than sooner.

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Kees, take a look at the link I posted; the dialogs are not following the design guidelines, which is the issue in the first place. [smile]

[edit] Anyway, I'm not trying to beat up on NNA here. I'm far from an expert in GUI design and implementation. I'd just like to go back to the efficient dialogs. Thanks for listening.[/edit]

[ 03-30-2004, 11:15 AM: Message edited by: Lee C.S. Young ]

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