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Multipart polygon

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is there anything similar to multipart polygon? I want to import a shapefile containing a couple hundred polygons with records attached. I can custom select by different records, but than i want to make the similar ones "work" as one polygon for later work. Making a group is not an option, because after exporting the group that forgets the attached records.

Does anyone have any solution for this or it is not coded in VW at all to work with multipart polygons?!


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I am not certain what multipart polygons are, but if they are multiple polygons that act as one, then no, there is not equivalent in VW.


Depending on how important they are to have and how many you have to do, perhaps you could make very narrow connecting polygons, Add Surface to generate a single polygon and then use the reshape tool to hide the edges of the connecting polygons.


Or work more on the export and see if there is a way to make it work correctly with groups which would probably be a much better solution in VW.


Make sure to check that when you Add Surface that it does not lose your record information. 


Also, could you just attach the records information to the group and have the export work that way?


More than one way to skin a cat, but it depends on exactly your needs. If you want to share more information about what you are actually trying to do and why you think you need to do it, we might be better able to help. Could you attach a file showing a some of the polygons that you are trying to work with?

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