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Framing members and BIM and IFC


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Hi all

Problems have arisen with the framing member.  I have create an equal angle and placed it in the model.  When exported to IFC and opened in Solibri we find that the framing member has revered side!

Please see photos.  Other than reversing the member in VW and then exporting does anyone one know why this might be happening?


Many thanks


Using the latest service packs on VW17 and solibri viewer v9.5

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.15.06.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.16.42.png

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Normally mirroring objects is quite risky when exchanging data between different Apps.

But I see reversing the member was done by a -90 degree rotation only.

That normally should be ok.


So I think it needs someone from VW to look at framing members or IFC export a little closer.

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Just a thought.  Could the source object used for the profile of the angle have a reversed direction?  To test, copy the end profile of the angle (bucket tool) and make a couple custom profiles, one with reversed direction of the poly, then try export IFC with both to see if one holds the correct rotation?


Edit: Clarification.  Don't rotate or flip the source poly in the source symbol definition. I mean change direction of the poly path via "Reverse Direction" button in the OIP




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12 hours ago, paulg said:

Thanks Zoomer.

I can't see why this shouldn't export.  

It will be a pretty useless tool if we can't exchange information with other consultants.




There aren't enough Structural engineers doing BIM in Vws to help improve the tools & export features.

Furthermore, another problem is clients don't see the benefits in using VWs & this needs to be addressed

ASAP, otherwise your projects aren't even going to make it to site in its initial file form, clients are going to insist on sketchup or revit

OT. The biggest issue on site these days is dealing with non-compliance and checks


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