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viewing multiple layers in multiple scales

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Hi everyone



I just upgraded form 2014 (educational)  to 2017 (standard license)


In 2014 I was able to view layers of multiple scale sizes at the same time when I was working in 2D space. I can't do that in 2017 and am wondering if there is a setting I am missing to make that possible. 


Thanks for any help!

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The question was answered,

so just an annotation.


Showing different  Design Layers in different Scales is an outdated workflow.

It was necessary when you worked 2D only had to print from Design Layers.

Nowadays you would print from Sheet Layers.

The modern way to go for different Scales would be to create Viewports on

Design Layers.


In Theory.

In practice VW is not yet optimized to draw on Design Layers in 1:1 scale and

do all scaling on Sheet Layers only.


But @lex.gernoncould you elaborate why and in which way you use layers of

multiple scale sizes at the same time.

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