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Using VectorWorks with a Wacom Intuous Tablet or cintique

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Since I do "art" [Roll Eyes] and photo work on the computer (Mac -OSX) as well as VW [Cool] , I am contemplating purchasing a Wacom Intuous tablet and possibly their cintique LCD Monitor/tablet.

Has anyone tried using either of these devices with VectorWorks and if so, are there any advantages? [smile]

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If you are looking for the compatility answer, as long as the tablet is supported by your current version of the OS, it will work with VW.

There are alot of people that enjoy using the tablet and find it hard to go back to a mouse for drafting and artwork. It's tricky at first to get used to, but personally I prefer to use the tablet than a mouse when drafting.

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I use a wacom graphire (the cheap one)tablet and cordless mouse

The mouse has particular advantages over the stylus in that it has scroll wheel zooming and can be set to pressing the scroll wheel=enter.

I find this much faster and easier to drive than the stylus for most work. The stylus, however is good for freeform polys.

I would not get the Graphire again as it's reduced resolution compared with the Intuos means that when zoomed out it jitters a lot b/w one "increment" and the next, 'specially with smart cursor snaps.

Very anoying.



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Which tablet size would you guys recomend for Cad work? is the intuos 4"x5" enough?

Works great here. Best not to think of it as a tablet, something you would look at. You look only at the screen. I like the small one because it reduces hand motion a lot. And it does not take a surgeons hands. Mine are somewhere between a surgeon and a coffee adict. I even run two monitors with it. Left to right on pad is left of left monitor to right of right.

Oh, and they're cheap.



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