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Separate control of ambient lighting in viewports - Renderworks Style Override

P Retondo


Has anyone else noted that when you have more than one rendered viewport on a sheet, you cannot separately set the ambient lighting percentage, even though from the OIP lighting control seems like a viewport property?  Whenever I change the ambient lighting in a viewport, all the viewports on the sheet change as well.  


If this is truly what we are experiencing (VW2016), the request is to make each viewport separately controlled for ambient lighting %, as the viewport "Lighting Options" dialog box implies.

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I have just tried this using 2017 with identical duplicate viewports OpenGL and setting the ambient lighting levels in the lighting tab of the viewport does give different results. I'm not sure if this is a correction in 2017 or you are seeing something strange. If you are using a renderworks style then the lighting tab will change the ambient lighting for every viewport that uses that style. What happens if you change the ambient lighting to different levels using separate Renderworks styles?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You should be able to control Ambient Lighting separately in separate viewports, as long as you control it via the Object Info Palette for that viewport. If you are changing it back on the design layer, it might push to all viewports if they don't have a specific setting of their own.

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Mark & Jim, I converted the file to VW2017.  I still have this issue.  On a sheet with 4 Renderworks perspective viewports (Realistic Exterior Final) I can change the Lighting Options / Ambient Lighting Brightness, but I cannot have a different Brightness % for each of the viewports.  If I set one, they are all changed because the edit window changes the Renderworks Style.  My request is to allow a viewport-by-viewport override of the style in much the same way we can override class settings.  You often want to do that when looking at different views of a building, just as a photographer would adjust the camera depending on whether the subject is in the sun or in the shade.

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