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Problems Printing to HP

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I have a client with VW9 on a Mac G4 OS 9. He has an HP business jet 2600 postscript printer. I have imported a B&W Photoshop file that has a transparent background. The Photoshop file is placed over the VW file -so far so good. If I print to the file to my little Epson printer I get what I see, if I take the file to another client?s and print to her laser printer (in VW10) no prob., print to the service bureau?s plotter -steady as she goes. But if I print to the HP business jet 2600 it prints with a ?White box? around the Photoshop image. I am old enough to remember seeing this back in the early ?90?s in other applications. Our MAC V.A.R. tells us this is a common problem with HP printers. I call HP & two different tec?s have never seen this problem (I guess that most of their clients just print text). HP is supposed to ?get back to me? (HP slang for F.O.A.D.)

In the mean time has this problem happened to others, & if so is there a solution short of me telling my client that his printer is NFG for this kind of printing?

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Hi Jim,

If you are using EPS format, try converting to TIFF, and then reimport it in VW. We have had problems with printing EPS images on our 2600.

The PostScript hardware in the printer uses ASCII, not binary, when printing from the Mac, so this might be the reason for EPS problems.

I guess you could also try saving an EPS from PhotoShop in ASCII format, and then import that image into VW to see if that makes a difference. Using ASCII will increase the file size quite a bit.


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Did you switch between OS 9 and OS 10 when you switched client's printers?

Is one printer postscript and the other non-postscript?

This can have an affect especially under OS 10.

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Chris, I will try converting the Photoshop file before importing, thanks for the tip.

Katie, the file was produced in MAC OS 9 and the 2600 is a postscript printer. My Epson is a non-Postscript printer printing in OS 8.5, The laser printer this works with is a printing under OS8.5 as well.

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