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Renderworks is caching my model and not updating it - VB-153945



I have a rough white model that I am looking at via a camera, I get there via a saved view. As I go through updating each model piece and add detail, replacing the old geometry with more detailed geometry, I started looking at the camera view with a renderworks style: no textures, ambient occlusion, etc.  But the renders keep showing up with the old geometry, not the new.  If I shut down and restart Vw then the geometry updates. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have seen this frequently myself. I highly suspect it is related to the issues of viewports going solid black or white as well. 

It SEEMS to be exacerbated by the use of the Visualization palette... but I use this palette so frequently that it's hard to remember to turn it off and test without it for a long stint. 

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Seems specific.  This latest culprit was a section from a plan that I had already made other, functioning sections from. I tried deleting the section and remaking it. Nothing. I tried using a renderworks style that I use, not working. Finally I got it to work by removing the indirect lighting from the renderworks style and using ambient+A.O.  That works, but much slower than OpenGL. 

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More of this today. I thought I had the issue fixed by getting rid of all indirect lighting and just going with ambient, +A.O.  But there would still be times when I have to stop what I'm doing, shut down or restart Windows just to get it back to working again.  Something hogging all of the memory?  I recall seeing someone having issues with their renders when batch rendering that showed out of memory as well just recently.

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