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Guest Andy Lightning

Robe BFML Blade Mode 1 Issues

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Guest Andy Lightning


I have seen two issues with the Robe BFML Blade Mode 1 fixture in Vision


1. When I use the Frame 2 in the blade library and  I drive the channel to 100 percent the frame will shudder or flicker  in Vision

2. The Focus channel has no effect on screen. Well I assume that the focus channel should work.


I am using Vision on a PC and driving it from a Hog.


Thanks in advance to who may fix this.





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Guest Andy Lightning

Just to add to this post

3. The Prism rotation is not working

4. The Effects wheel positioning is not working


Also can someone looking after Vision tell me what the turn around time is on fixing parameter errors found in Vision? 


thanks again.



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Hey Andy, I have our fixture team looking into this now. The shutter issue is really, really weird. There's no reason it should be doing that, and no reason only shutter 2 should be doing that weird twitchy thing.


We've confirmed on our end, I'll have him take a look at the focus as well. As for the additional issues, Animation wheel positioning/Macros are not simulated, nor are prism macros. These aren't ever done to my knowledge, there's no "macro file" we can get from the manufacturer, so the only way would be to add a keyframe animation system and reproduce it frame by frame. On fixtures like the BMFL blade, that would take a mind-numbingly long time, even if it were possible (to the tune of months, not days).

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