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Override Wall Thickness to Door Lining Depth?

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Hi All,


I've wall types and a door schedule in a general arrangement plan, the doors are in the wall types I've created.  


I have a door schedule that reflects the parameters well, however, the contractor tells me they are to skim the walls in locations, thus increasing the lining depth local to certain doors.


How does one increase the door lining depth to selected doors without creating new wall types? I.e. Override the 'locked' wall depth.


See "Jamb Depth" location in the screenshot attached.


Kind regards,


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 14.50.54.png

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The easiest way is to put an over-ride in the worksheet.

In your door schedule worksheet switch on the database headers the select your door jamb column.  It should be this one "=('Door'.'JambDepth')" then simply add on the thickness of the skim coat.  Eg. if it a 3mm skim either side, you would add 6 and the field should then read "=('Door'.'JambDepth')+6".  It will then add 6mm to each of the door jamb thicknesses, no matter the thickness of the wall - It will also just appear in the worksheet, as you are just over-riding the worksheet data and not the dataset.


PS remember to switch off the database headers when you are finished.



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