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2017 Hardscape Slab editing Changed

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I’m not sure how most people generate 3D object, but in our office we turn 2D polygons, rectangles etc. in hardscapes, then in the Object Info, under 'Draw 3D’ Go: 3D type > Slab. Then from there you can edit slab thickness, elevation etc. In VW 2016 you were able to set negative thicknesses to the slab. For instance: say you have a step at a height of -600 elevation then you set the step thickness at -150. You know the top of the step is at a height of -600 below 0 and then another -150 down to the next step starting the next step at an elevation of -750. 


In 2017 it seems you can’t set a slab thickness of less than 0 anymore. Meaning, if I use the same example, if I have a step with an elevation of -600 (this you can do in 2017) and enter a thickness, I have to enter 150 to get the same effect however the elevation of the step will be -450 now. The next step after this one will then need to be -750 at 150 thickness to give it a height of -600. 


Doing this for all 3D Hardscape-Slab objects in a drawing becomes incredibly confusing and makes you question your accuracy at every change therefor slowing production down to a grind... 


Has anyone else come across this problem?

Does anyone know why it has changed?

How do we get it back to the way it was? 




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Slabs have an option for the datum to be Top of component or Bottom of Component.  With Hardscapes the datum is always the bottom of the object.  Hence your problem with it no longer being possible to enter negative values.


You should submit a Wishlist request for Hardscapes to have an option to have the datum at the top or bottom of the Hardscape.  


Where it gets tricky is if the border thickness is different to the body thickness because both have their height set from the bottom so one of these would need to take precedence.  Probably the body.

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