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Find which VWX file a PDF was generated from

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To export PDFs from VWX i use FILE > PUBLISH > PDF


I then save the PDF to the relevant folder in our shared company dropbox. 


We have multiple users producing different drawings for different projects, so sometimes i can easily find a PDF for a items, but am unsure as to which VWX file it came / was generated from, as we have vartious referenced VWX files for each project. 


Is there any way we can inbed as a piece of meta data in the PDF file the parent VWX file the PDF was generated from ? 


We are running VWX 2014 Architect 

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There is free/cheap software that will allow you to change the default meta data as seen with the pdf 'inspector'. Your pdf reader (Mac or windows) may already have this. Just get into the habit of adding the additional info before you file on the server. The info will then be available to a later reader when wanting to find the parent file. Staff must always do it before filing though!


I'm not techie myself so can't suggest a more advanced computing solution. I just work with the tools I have!


Alternatively, and useful - as its far less 'techie' and more up my street - just arrange your back-up server hierarchy with folders for each individual drawing produced for a contract (obviously within a 'contract' folder). Then when you produce pdfs make it the company rule to place them in the correct folder (so its already with its source VW file) so history/link can be seen. They can be aliased (Mac) or shortcut (PC) so you can arrange them in another workgroup folder for looking up (say) useful roof details - where you find the detail that you like and then can open the vw file it was sourced from. Once again it relies on staff being careful!


Hope I've understood your problem correctly and that this might help.

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