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Converting old 2d drawing to 3d

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I'm just converting an 'old'  vectorworks drawing (probably from VW 10/11?) to use as 3d

At the time I drew it on layer plane (when I was a VW learner and didn't know better).

I've moved objects to working plane, but I can't seem to get doors to work as expected, ie. to show textures, unless I 'ungroup' them, which isn't really a solution. 

I've assigned the textures to their own classes, which usually works (as per the screen shot below). Seems like there's something I 've missed but I can't think what.

I've also tried importing new texture from a VW2017 3d drawing and deleting and re-assigning the old one.


In image below, door to right shows timber texture on 'ungrouped' door, others have texture applied which I can't get to display in opel gl for some reason...


Any ideas?170713_VW_Capture.JPG.4f731ab7532a853e33b7f348f36bc926.JPG


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You assigned the Material to the Walls-Tab only ?

Walls ist just for Wall PIOs, Roofs for Roof PIOs,

everything else, mostly the largest part of geometry, needs a Material assigned to the "Other"-Tab.




sorry, you already used the "Other" TAB

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