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The requests for clarification on, and improvement to, our tools related to roadways and parking lots are... legion:


and most recently:

There is no question that improvement is needed. Let's do this: The current iterations of the  Roadway NURBS tool and the Parking Lot tool can be completely placed out of our minds for this discussion. If we started completely from scratch, how would YOU want to create these types of objects? What sort of parameter controls are the most important? 

As opposed to how I normally place things in very separate categories, I'm going to go ahead an lump the concept of Ramps in general into this, as a proper method for creating ramps in architectural exteriors AND interiors, parking garages, on sloped sites and neven in stage design is needed and would theoretically tie directly into a Road tool designed with lots of use cases in mind. However, please speak up if that seems inappropriate to you.

Things I have pulled as hot items from the listed posts and elsewhere:

- Road needs to work directly with site models, and allow the road to lay smoothly upon the surface, acting as a site modifier without restricting user control over the shape, slope and segments of the road.

- Road must allow turn radius and slope limitations to suit local standards (truck turn radius etc), but also allow users to manually override this limitation if desired. 

- Roads need to include built-in solutions for shoulders, sidewalks, curbs and a number of lanes that all follow the general "source" path defined by the user.

- Users need to be able to control the shape of oath of a the road via the center, left, right, or offset from one of these values similarly to how the Wall tool lets you draw walls from these reference points via the mode bar. 


-Parking Lots need to account for slope and drainage nearly as complex as, if not identical to, the complexity allowed by the SLab Drainage tool. Accommodating storm drains/catch basins fully, yet optionally if the user is only concerned with the appearance of the parking lot.

-Parking must allow fully user customizable striping/line painting with built in presets for common configurations example of a few common cases below:


- Roads and parking lots should be create-able from other simple geometry. 2d as well as 3D. It should not be required that a user use the simplistic line and path tools built into some of the older objects.

- Users need to be able to manually specify segments of roads and directly control their slope/tile (I apologize if I have this terminology completely wrong) as well as define a valley or hump in the center of the road or along a side. This control should directly impact how the road interacts with the site model, not dipping below it's surface or leaving a gap underneath where the road floats in midair.

I am sure this list is not all-encompassing, please feel free to add new input, strike down any of my points, or directly reference any older threads or specific comments that detail what you need. Go nuts! I plan to roll the feedback from this megathread into a comprehensive wishlist item rather than the scattering of more smaller scope ones we currently have on record.



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