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2d polys to 3d contours - help!

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I am new to Vectorworks, but am trying to create a DTM. I have scanned in a drawing with the contours on it and traced the contours using the 2d polygon tool. I am now attempting to convert the polygons to 3d contours, but am running into some glitches...

When the second dialog box (set elevation) pops up, it selects a random polyline which I set to a certain elevation, then it selects 3 more random polylines and says it's done. Once I am finished, there are only 4 out of 35 polylines that have been converted.

How do I convert all the polylines, as well as choose which polyline I would like to start with?

If anyone knows why I am having these problems, please let me know! Thank you so much!

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It will select polylines based on the order you created them. It may seem random but the processor is just getting a sampling of what you have drawn so it can make assumptions on all the other lines.

Make sure you can still see your drawing and run the script again. Make sure you assign the correct elevation to each line it is highlighting (if it "guesses" wrong on the elevation, use the up or down buttons to correct the elevation for the given highlighted line.)

Good luck!

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Also make sure the polylines are NOT grouped before running the convert to 3d polys command.

Polylines that are grouped will not be recognized by the convert to 3d polys command.

A good way to test this, is to start with all the 2d polys. Select them all and go to the OIP. If the top says "Polylines" then you hve all 2d polys. If it says "edit selection" (VW 9) or # Objects (vw 10), then you do not have all 2d polys. Check to make sure they aren't grouped or already 3d polys.

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