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Still a novice and still struggling to learn

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yes get some 1 to 1 training asap......have you got vss i think you get half a day free with them 

i had 3 full days...when i started many years ago.....well worth the cash.......why don't you ask them to pay for a course......if cash is a problem to them offer to pay them back in installments



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it's a daunting task when you first start using vectorworks.....i remember i came from old school marker visuals....rotoring pens...tracing paper and razor blades to scratch out mistakes and make changes....

looking at the interface for the first time....I think flying a 747 would be easier....but trust me when you get into and understand the fundamentals.....its great piece of software.....if i can do it...anyone can  LOL !!!!!!

remember easy jet and ryanair do some really cheap flights to the uk and i know there's training out there in the uk.....maybe costly in the short term....but in the long run it will pay dividends.....good luck my friend


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VW needs to offer FREE, yes FREE tutorials for each individual target industry created by real industry professionals, not programmers. period.


It drives me absolutely crazy that vw hasn't figured out that there are likely thousands of professionals (I'm a landscape architect) using autocad, looking for an alternative, but don't make the leap because of the learning curve and associated unknowns of how the tools work and whether they even offer the funtionality they need. So they stick with AutoCAD or some other somftware.


Other programs offer extensive tutorials on very general and very specific workflows and tools. It makes converting that much easier and gives the new user peace of mind that they are investing time and energy into something that will do what they need it to.

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