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Symbol count report, segmented by room / area ?

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We produce our lighting drawings using custom symbols for light fittings. We then run a Symbol count report inside of VWX to get the QTYs of light fittings. 


This currently works fine but give us a total number of fittings across the whole project. What we'd like to be able to do is run the report but further segment it, by room / area. 


Is there a way to be able to define rooms / areas and run this report so it would output something like the below report mockup (see attached screenshot below)




Im running VWX 2014 Architect. Although i do have a license for 2017 also, just havnt upgraded yet.



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I tested this in VW2017. You will have to see if you can make it work in 2014. I am pretty sure it will work with polys, not so sure it will work with Spaces in 2014.


Create a Worksheet Database with criteria that will include all of the light symbols. Set a column to be the Symbol Name and drag a SUM tile to the column header so you will get some line for each symbol.


If you already have polygons or spaces in the drawing that match with the rooms/areas you can use those, if not, draw polygons to represent the rooms and give them names in the OIP (Data tab top in 2014, every tab bottom in 2017)


Enter a formula of =Sum((LOC='MyAreaName)).  The double parens is important. Replace MyAreaName with the names from the OIP. If you are using spaces copy and paste the Space Name rather than replacing it with your own if you want the Space to work properly. Repeat this for each area.


This should give you what you are looking for.


Write back if you need more help.

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That works great in 2014, thanks 


It seems my issue was with being to insert a new column. 


I could insert a column, but it would always insert left rather than insert to the right. When they where inserted left it did not let me edit the cells, but i can see when they where inserted to the right it did. 


How do you insert a column to the right of an existing column ? 

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Scroll so you can see the bottom right corner of the worksheet. Hover over the corner and the cursor will change to kind of a couple of lines with a square at the corner. Click and drag to add new columns at the right or rows at the bottom.


Or add columns to the left and then copy/past the formula back to where you want it to be.

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Hi Pat, thanks for the reply. I have been working on the Report Example file you provided above, but added a Space object to test it. I copied and pasted the object name of the Space Object (from the bottom of OIP) but it doesn't seem to work with or without the curly braces.

 Also tried Sum((Loc(SpaceName ='MySpaceName'))) and variations thereof but no deal. Of all the pop up options for calculating, SpaceName seems not to be available for the cells.


I can get it to work vertically down the rows, but not horizontally across the columns.

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Update: I have discovered that in 2019 Service Pack 2, the Space object number (which automatically populates the "Name" field at the bottom of the OIP) now shows when selecting Locations in worksheet database criteria. Still not very user friendly, compared to using the "Space Name" but at least it is accessible now.

Thanks for your previous input.

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