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Door & Window Sechedules with multiple plans

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Our office is doing a residential development with 3 model plan types. We have all three plans drawn and set up in one VW file.

How can we differentiate between the different plan types for the door and window schedules? So all of the doors and windows for unit A on the Unit A door and window schedule, same with plan B & C.

Right now the schedule recognizes all of the doors and windows in the file. So all of my door for unit B and C are on my Unit A door schedule.


The different plan types are on different design layers. I tried editing the criteria in the schedule to the refer to a specific design layer, but it list over 300 items (and I do not have 300 doors).


Any suggestions out there?

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You are on the right track. You need to edit the criteria so that it only applies to the objects you want in the schedule.


How are you differentiating your A, B, and C types? Are these on separate Layers? Classes?


If on separate Layers, the criteria could be something like Record Door is Present and Layer is MyLayer1


Or if in separate Classes, the criteria could be Type is Door and Class is MyClass1


Tell us more about how you have thing s structured and we can probably help more.

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OK.  I think I figured out what I forgot to tell you.  Your object count is probably off because the VW database finds all occurrences of objects meeting the criteria no matter where they are. Design Layers, Sheet Layers, Viewports.


So if you have a house with 5 doors and you create 4 elevation viewports, the database will report 25 doors.  5 on the design layer and 5 in each of the viewports.


The way around this is to add criteria to either explicitly specify the design layers the objects you want to count are on or to explicitly exclude the sheet layers. So you will end up with a three part (or more criteria) something like either of the following:


Object Type is Door

Field  Door.Location is A

Layer is Design Layer 1




Object Type is Door

Field Door.Location is B

Layer is Not Sheet Layer 1

Layer is Not Sheet Layer 2

Layer is Not Sheet Layer 3



I hope this makes more sense.

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Made sense but didn't know where to find these, for benefit of others...

In your window/door schedule, right click on the row with the column headers. Then (as screenshot) you'll be given option to set/edit criteria this then brings up the option to choose which layers the schedule is generated from 


Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.08.59.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.08.38.png

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