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Josh NZ

Custom Stair Settings

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I have a L shaped stair comprised of two landings and 2 straight runs of steps as shown in the image below.

At the moment the large straight run of steps has 12 treads with the start of the stairs having 1 tread.

I have tried to change the bottom stair to have 2 treads and get the error message "Calculated maximum number of treads is:1".

Tried to reduces the number of treads from 12 to say 11 or 10 and get the same error message.


Any ideas on how to fix?


Capture 2.PNG

Capture 1.PNG

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That's not the regular stair tool ?


I think that there people complained that the minimum of threads is at least 2. (U-stair podest)

The advize there for having an entry thread was to model a slab and start the stair above.

Maybe similar is needed for your stair tool.

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Thanks zoomer, I can;t seem to be able to add any.

I would like more than one but what ever value is entered I get the same error message pop up.

I even removed that section and still get the pope up when clicking next or OK

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I tried the Standard Stair Tool and I think it does what you want (?)





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I think the problem with the Custom stair tool is that is very buggy. If you do something that it doesn't like sometimes it just keeps giving you errors even though you have corrected the parameters. Not to mention sometimes it just disappears if you try to duplicate or copy... If you can try to move your workflow to the new stair tool, it does take a bit to get used to and does require more input to get started, but I have found fewer problems with it than the Custom Stair, which is in the Legacy tools so is no longer supported.

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Funny you should say that, I tried closing and opening the file yesterday and had no effect, but reopened this morning and its working.


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