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Create multiple veiwports enhancements/new functionality

Ross Harris


I had an epiphany (or brain fart!) knocking out some elevations off a site model of a house yesterday thinking this process could surely be streamlined... 

Doing elevations off the site model with the house referenced in is a bit of a cumbersome task - rotate plan (to get a parallel viewport)>create viewport>VW jumps to sheet view times4x. It's only slightly quicker if you do a multiple viewport off a floor plan. 


What if the amazing chefs could do some coding wizardry that would enable the user to draw a rectangle on the correct orientation to the house model and the four sides of the rectangle (or polyline) would generate the viewport? If it could have the same dialog box as the standard create section viewport with the ability for custom scales etc would be awesome. 

Has anyone else submitted something like this before? 



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@Alan Woodwell- yes that's what I currently do - but 4 or more of them can be time consuming and repetitive. Coming from Revit, this aspect was already in place and with live viewports it was quick and fluid - they only needed minor adjustments to suit the project. That's one of the few positives I can take from my time with Revit with the biggest single irk with vectorworks being the manual update to viewports. That being said, VW has allowed me to to so much more and quicker than in Revit :)


Cheers, Ross

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More than one is time-consuming and repetitive let alone 4 min for each project.

Add on top of that we move elevation line from boundary to just outside wall line between council application and construction drawings. Add in all the things we need to do to translate information the computer knows about but can't display and well yes there is an awful lot of time that could be saved from Drafting and directed to Architecture.


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12 hours ago, Jim Smith said:

What about the Create Multiple Viewport Command? Perhaps this is an enhancement to that function  n'est pas?


Needs to create section viewports like Interior elevations tool not views like Multiple Viewport command.


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