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Fence to follow sloping site

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As a workaround at the moment my workflow on a drawing with lots of slopes and fences is to draw a polygon over the fence line, convert to 3D polygon, send to surface, then in and isometric view I use the 3D line mode of the railing/fence tool to draw as few straight runs as I can get away with snapping to the vertices of the 3D poly.  


Now for the odd bit - as soon as I draw each section it is whisked away to near the user origin.  Currently I have to go and find it and copy, paste and manoeuvre back into the same place.  If I do this moving in top/plan mode it will stay at correct elevations.  Is this bug?



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1 minute ago, Laura Stone said:

Now for the odd bit - as soon as I draw each section it is whisked away to near the user origin.  


I have had this too. I have resorted to drawing the first section of fence + bringing it back over to the site model then copying + pasting that first section to create all the subsequent sections, reshaping them into position then adjusting the post heights... Crazy...


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2 minutes ago, Laura Stone said:

Hi Tom


I've found that if I just keep drawing sections of fence 'blind' along the polygon they do all relate to each other correctly, then I can just copy and paste them back in position all at once.


But does your geometry go haywire in the meantime with all those objects so far from the Internal Origin? I guess if it corrects itself as soon as you copy + paste the fences back onto the site model that's fine but even so, not a pleasant experience 🙂


And are you finding drawing fences in 3D mode works ok at the moment? I was finding previously that sometimes it worked + other times the fence wouldn't respect the Z heights being clicked to + was created on the ground plane. But this was a while ago + has maybe been corrected since...

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The fence does render quite strangely far from the internal origin but seems to be fine once pasted back into place.  I have to say it is a bit disconcerting drawing without seeing though, and have to remember where you last clicked.  Haven't had any trouble clicking to the z heights on the 3D polygon so far.

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