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Space Labels Multiple Bug?



Hi All,


We're having a pretty serious problem with the space label tool right now, and I'm not sure if this is just affecting us or widespread. Basically, we set up multiple space label tags (in order to be read at difference scales - some show more or less information than others). For some reason the 'allow multiple space labels' box in advanced settings seems to keeps unticking itself. See vid below..



Any ideas??




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Not sure what version of VW you are running, but Multiple space labels was doing something similar in VW2017 SP3.  Upgrading to SP4 seems to have helped, but I haven't worked with it in depth, so I am not sure it is fully functional.  




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My workaround:


I made one space with multiple label configurations that could be controlled via classes.  Imagine copying your second label into the first, and then assigning classes to each so that they turn on and off via class settings in the viewport dialogue box.  Does that make sense?  Not ideal but it worked. 


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