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Can import dwg. to Vectorworks 2017 but can't edit

clare weeks


We have successfully imported a dwg. files into Vectorworks at the correct scale 1:50 and saved it.

However we cannot edit the content (2D floorplans).


When we click on the objects within the file they are locked in an orange tinted box with the error message "The selected object has no edit behaviour".


Any advice on how to unlock and edit gratefully received.   



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When you import a single DWG/DXF, a dialog box should pop up. On the Primary Settings tab of this dialog box, make sure the "Reference" box at the bottom is unchecked. This should directly import the dwg and allow you to edit it. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
3 hours ago, clare weeks said:

We already did this. Created a new file, imported single dxf/dwg file, saved as vmx file, but the content is non-editable (in orange box). Any ideas? Is there something on the import options menu that we should be checking?

Make sure that after importing you aren't just looking at a Sheet layer (Paperspace in DWG terms) with a viewport of the geometry, make sure to switch over to a Design layer so that you can select and edit objects individually.

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Still having issues with this file : (


See screengrab image.


In the OIP the file is shown as DWG - Referenced. This I think is preventing us from editing the content (although we can see of of the plan drawings).


If I try and import the dwg. without checking the "Reference" option we can only view the first drawing in the dwg. file.


If I import and check the "Reference" option we can view all plan drawings but can't edit.


The layer is set to "Design Layer".


What are we doing wrong?

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.22.15.png

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Hi all, 


I am also having this issue. I am using Landmark 2022.


When I import the DWG CAD file (I unchecked the "Reference" option) it only allows me to edit some things like CAD blocks but not everything. 


We are given a CAD site survey (has contours w/ assigned elevations, building, existing trees, drains etc..) Is the best practice to work/ design in CAD and have it update in Vectorworks? I am confused on what the best way to go about organizing my files. 

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