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Stake Tool - Read Elevations of Objects in Addition to Site Models


When using the stake tool, you currently have the option to "Set Elev to Site Model" as a way of creating spot elevations for a grading plan. This is great when documenting the surface of a site model for high points and such, but often the elevation we are looking to document is actually a feature such as finish surface, top of wall, bottom of wall, etc. These items are placed on top of a site model, so a stake object trying to query their top elevation will only return the elevation of the underlying site model.


There should be a way for the stake tool to recognize modeled elements in the drawing to pull this information into its reference.

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I second this.  I've called tech to try to explain/ask about this.  I don't think they ever understood what I was asking for.  This tool is pretty useless for any kind of civil plans because of this missing ability.

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Third this, in addition, the ability to tie to Design Layer Elevation Levels or Story Levels or Stories. As they can be placed on the drawing and if RL's/FFL's change, corresponding labels update automatically.

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Fourth. Stakes are for "Finished grades" Setting the grade to the bottom of a hardscape assembly is not a finished grade.


Also, please see my request for unit selection for the Grade Tool similar to the being able to set the units for the Stake Tool. It would make the Grade Tool much more useful.



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In the practice I work in we have only recently started using VW Landmark as the first step towards BIM.


Having trialled a number of landscape packages I must admit I am quite disappointed about the translation of the physical process of thinking of and designing site levels and drainage into the digital processes within software packages.


The way we usually do it is by working out the spot levels and falls, based on the existing levels, FFL, drainage strategy. Basically, we calculate everything and try to make sure it's compliant and would drain efficiently. I was hoping that software would do part of it for me and I could annotate the resulting levels on a plan.


In the process, I was shocked to learn that stakes do not read elevation from hardscape objects/ surfaces, walls etc. These are basics!


I was modelling external steps recently and had a really hard time understanding what level the landings were at etc.


I then tried to find a tool to actually allow me to read the spot levels from the resulting design. Another struggle. I needed to read the elevations from the end of slopes to hardscape slabs, figure out what levels that actually was and use a stake as a marker. Perhaps someone here can advise on the better way?


I really wish that the developers take these requests seriously into consideration, since at the moment we need to do workarounds rather than being supported by the software. 

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