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Change Viewport Source?

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I was able to duplicate walls to different brick classes and turn them off an on. But the problem now is that the windows have a lintel with a matching brick soldier course that doesn't change. I was hoping to redefine the brick and soldier classes with different textures but that doesn't seem to work.


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OK, I am a little confused.   Is this in the reference file or the referenced viewport?  The brick texture of the soldier course doesn't change?  Is the lintel class reassigned via the Window dialog?  Is this in the reference file or the referenced viewport?  This should be eminently doable.


It may help to post a file or images.....

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56 minutes ago, verdancedesign said:

Not to hijack the thread, but a related question: is it possible to change the source of a referenced viewport to a different file (not a different layer/class in the same file), or must a new viewport be created?

Yes, you can change the source file by editing the reference in the navigation palette or organisation dialogue box.

However, it changes all viewports with that target.

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Thanks, @Matt Overton! It was hidden in plain sight. Specifically, for anyone wondering the same: go to Tools>Organization>References (or Navigation>References palette); select the referenced source file to change; click Edit…; click Browse… to select and Open the new source file. As Matt notes, all viewports referencing the old source will change to reference the new one (viewport attributes such as crop and layer/class visibilities will not change).

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