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Patrick Winkler

Get WS Cell Object Handle

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Hi Patrick,


It looks like you're trying to select a database row, I would suggest looking at functions that start with GetWSSubrowCell.

Let me know if that's not the direction you're going in and I'll take another look.

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Hi Marissa,


sorry I could have mentioned that I tried reading the yellow marked cell with GetWSSubrowCell but it returns me nothing.

My goal is to get the handle to the door-row from the worksheet so that I can read data from the ws in write it in a record of

the door.




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You could possibly use a =RunScript function with a short Vectorscript or Python Script. You can use the WSScript_GetObject command to get the handle to the object that  the subrow is referencing. 


I don't think you can get an image out of a cell. The subrow functions only appear to allow you to GET stings or values.


The function that I am wishing for is a way to get the cell a RunScript function is in when the script is activated so I can do relative cell references.


Let us know if you need more help.

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Thanks pat.

I needed some attempts to get back from the str to the vs.Handle.


The cells get filled with this code:

h = vs.WSScript_GetObject()
h_str = str(h) 

Then another script iterates trough all objects and compares the handle strings:


def get_handle_from_str (h_str):
	h_dict = {} # key: handle_str val: handle

	def collect_handles(h):
		nonlocal h_dict
		h_dict[str(h)] = h 
	vs.ForEachObject (collect_handles, 'All')
		h = h_dict [h_str]
	except KeyError:		
		print ('Handle could not be found.')
		h = None
	print (h_dict)
	return h

h = get_handle_from_str ('AEC62080')
vs.SetSelect (h)

It's kind of unpracticle and carries the risk if inconsistency but it works.




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I would be careful  with what you are doing. It looks dangerous to me. Also, I think the string you are returning is not the full handle. When I use VectorScript to get the handle as string, I get a different value even after accounting for Python returning the value in Hex and VS in decimal. It appears that Python is leaving off the top 4 hex digits.


But let's step back from there.


What data do you have in the database row that needs to be written to a record? Since all the data is coming from records already, why do you want to put a copy (with potentially obsolete values) into a record?


There is probably a reason, but if you tell us what you are really trying to do and why you think you need to do it we might have a better solution.

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