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Drawing Name = Object Name



I wish that the drawing name automatically equaled the viewport name for sheet layer viewports. Either that or get rid of one of the naming categories .I don't understand why we need two different names for a viewport.


This would streamline visibility controls, reduce redundancy, and help with using drawings labels. 

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While not disagreeing that it's a bit redundant / confusing, here's the reasoning I see behind the way it currently works:


The "Drawing Title" is what gets displayed in the Drawing Label. In some cases, users might have multiple viewports across their sheets that they want labeled simply "Top" or "Section" for example. Since VW can't have two things named the same thing, this would not be possible if the Drawing Title and Viewport Name were the same thing.


That being said, if this were made a user-configurable option it could definitely simplify things for a majority of users. For example, it could be a checkbox in the Viewport's OIP under "Drawing Title" field which says "Apply Drawing Title to Viewport Name". This could default on, and only be turned off when needed if there are naming conflicts.


Then you wouldn't have to worry about naming / renaming both fields while you're working - it would be simpler and more streamlined.

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I wished this for years. The main reason is because VW shows Viewport names not Drawing names as bookmarks in the PDF files it generates. Many of us use a script to synchronize them. You can find a link to my basic version and MichaelK's more advanced version here - https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/44034-create-drawing-title-to-show-vp-name-and-scale/&do=findComment&comment=241275



Ultimately there is one limitation that may prevent this, drawing names are often duplicated throughout a drawing set and Vectorworks doesn't allow duplicate names. I think the ultimate solution is to have automatic viewport naming where the name reflects the sheet #, drawing number and drawing name combined. I think this is what MichaelK's script does.



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