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Automatic Planes when not in Automatic Plane mode

Andy Broomell


Since upgrading to SP4, I've encountered a new bug a few times. You know the way that temporary blue planes appear when hovering over objects while working in Automatic plane load? In the last few days this function has been getting "stuck" on periodically. If I switch to Screen Plane or Layer Plane mode, those blue planes keep on appearing as I hover over things (not only with drawing tools but even with just the selection tool). It never used to do this. Thankfully objects are still being drawn correctly; it's just the on screen display that's messed up. It's distracting, and the only way to reset it is to restart VW. Not sure what's triggering it...




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25 minutes ago, Alan Woodwell said:

Hi, your not inadvertently hitting the backslash key which activated the Auto working plane???


That was my first thought too, but no, that's not the case. Mainly proven by the fact that the plane dropdown in the upper toolbar has no relation to this occurring - i.e. it doesn't say "Automatic" and the behaviour doesn't change when I switch between the various plane modes in the dropdown. It even shows the blue planes while using tools that would normally have no option to use automatic planes. For example, switching to the Selection tool usually makes automatic planes go away, but doesn't in this instance.


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