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I am attempting to load V-works 8.5.2 on my dell, I have run this program on our mac g3 but due to unknown reasons that computer is toast so while I am trying to install on the dell it will not accept my valid serial number, a message says that "there is already a copy of this application running on this network with the same serial #".....I've uninstalled & tried again, no luck.....help please.

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If you do only have a mac number, it will not work on the PC. You can tell by the number starting with either 1800W (windows) or 1800M (mac). If you do have the right number for the pc, then the error you are getting is a known problem. Have you rebooted the PC? If you have and that doesn't fix it, try pulling out the network cable and retrying. Let me know if either of those work.

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