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object record format connection

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Hi everyone,

I do have a question regarding schedules, particularly those that are symbol styles (i.e. doors styles, windows styles, etc.)

1. Is there a full list all the record format connection references in a complete guide for all objects? i.e. window.height, door.height, etc...

I can create a worksheet with all records that are provided from the create worksheet menu, however, it's cumbersome doing this process for all styles in vectorworks.

2. Is there a way to modify these records from a worksheet remotely? I've noticed that even if I unlock the parameters set (instead of them being controlled completely in them) in the styles, I can't modify them for ALL of the elements in a drawing, particularly if there is more than one symbol. I have to modify them one by one in the door/window dialogue box and in doing so its a very inconvenient procedure. Any help please?


Thank you in advance!

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