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Final Render doesn't render changes


When I final render my model the first time it looks right. Then I make some changes and re render and it just keeps rendering the same render from the first time - it does not update any of the changes. Open GL shows the changes, but final render does not. If I restart, I can get a new render that reflects the changes but I cannot do this every time... it takes up so much time!!!


Please advise... Is it a file problem? A VW problem??


I've got VW 2017.

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Is this a file converted  from an old version? Vwx changed render engines a few versions back (2014?). Some of the old textures don't work in newer versions. They can often be fixed by image reimport or sometimes by simply opening then closing the texture edit dialog.


Or might be caused by a corrupt symbol or other object? Test whether problem happens in a new file with a couple new objects, say one with a texture and one with a solid fill? Make some changes similar to problem file changes and render OGL and FQRW. If new file renders both modes ok then test in a duplicate the problem file. Try to find/isolate by switching off or deleting layers or classes or by deleting bunches of objects. Render each time until it works. Problem was in most recent deletions.


More ideas likely coming from others here.


good luck !



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I'm guessing that this is related to the widespread bug involving Final Quality RW & its cache:


Here are a few of the other related threads about this:

Good luck - this bug is the primary reason why I have not started using 2017 for actual projects yet - even though I paid for it, and we're already on SP3 and it still hasn't been fixed. :(

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