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our office is on almost all Apple LCD

either the ones on the iMac or Studio Displays

they work great, clean, crisp display, good for all day cad work.

having seen a digital vs a VGA Lcd screen, i say go digital (apple or LCD's with DVI) if your not convinced get the store to hook up two to the same computer (same video card if possible) the same photo or cad page on both will prove what it is your paying for.

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I was in Best Buy the other day and saw a LCD screen from Samsung I believe. It was 21" and the clearest screen I think I have ever seen. It was a bit pricy though. I think the pro's would be that they are probably better on your eyes. The con would be the price. Also note that this is personal prefference and that I'm not officially recommending it. [smile]

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I upgraded my recently from a macG3 /Formac 17"/Minicad7 to a MacG5dp / LG Flatron L2010P lcd / VW10.5. I was not pepared for the weeks/months of problems involved in the change. I can't say i have noticed too much differnce in the computer performance (part of this may be down to how I am using it) but the 20 inch lcd screen is a tonic and all of my family agree.

- The LG screen can be used with macs or pcs .

- The height adjustment is good but this leads to a sturdy column and base which I dont mind but others might

- The screen can be rotated 90 deg with special software supplied for this but I havent used it in that format yet.

- The proportions of the screen I find satisying which was a factor when deciding between it and the Apple screens.

So it is worth checking out the LG screen.

Hope this is of use


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I use VW in my iBook G4 which has a 14" LCD screen and I'm very pleased with it. Specially coming from a 15" CRT iMac. Although the iMac screen was very good, the LCD feels and looks much better, much easier on my eyes. Everything looks crisp. If you can, go for it!

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I purchased a 17" NEC LCD a few months ago. The quality of the display is absolutely stunning!

I have it next to my old 17" NEC CRT, and the colors and contrast on the LCD are much better than on the CRT.

I have noticed that some laptop LCDs do have issues with accurate color and contrast, perhaps due to size/weight constraints? So I don't think its fair to compare laptop LCDs and desktop LCDs.

As has been suggested, try to view several models for a comparison test.

Also, get one with DVI even if you don't have a DVI video card now. The LCDs should last longer than a good CRT, and you will want this option later.

Good Luck,


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